International Voice Symposium Salzburg 2018

Care of the Professional Voice
Innovation in Laryngology, Rehabilitation and Training

International Voice Symposium
24th – 26th of August 2018

First Announcement

Honorary President:
Franco Fussi (I)

Honorary Board:
Helga Rabl-Stadler, Markus Hinterhäuser, Michael Schade, Peter Simonischek, Robert Thayer Sataloff, Vesselina Kasarova

Scientific Coordination:
Markus Hess (D)

Scientific Committee:
Orietta Calcinoni (I), Eugenia Chavez (MEX), Craig Zalvan (USA), Florian Michel (D), Franco Fussi (I), Philippe Dejonckere (B), Mario Diaz (A), Robin Dietz (D), Jackie L. Gartner-Schmidt (USA), Anna-Maria Hefele (A), Markus Hess (D), Denizoglu Ilter (TR), Boris Kleber (D), Rudolf Lackner (A), Jacob Lieberman (UK), Bernhard Richter (D), Joseph Schlömicher-Thier (A), Evamarie Haupt (A), Valentina Carlile (I), Claudia Spahn (D), Malte Kob (D), John Rubin (GB), Matthias Weikert (D), Gerrit Wohlt (D), James P. Thomas (USA), Yakubu Karagama (GB)

Course Directors:
Matthias Weikert, Joseph Schlömicher-Thier

Abstract deadline: Mai 30, 2018
Fax: 0043/6216/4030-20
Keynotes – Panels – Workshops – Free Papers


  • The Neuroscience of Singing
  • Ten top Tips in Laryngology and Voice Care
  • The Pelvic Floor: the hidden Structure in the Singing Pedagogy
  • The most effective dietary Advices to avoid PPIs in Reflux
  • New Device of Semi-occluded Vocal Tract (SOVT) Exercises
  • Decision Making in Treatment for Voice Professional /
  • Surgery vs. Conservative Therapy
  • Vocal Recovery Time after the injured Voice and Phonosurgery /
  • Decision Findings
  • Respiratory Retraining Therapy/Laryngeal Control Therapy
  • The Singer’s Cough – The Enemy in the Throat
  • Rehabilitation of the Injured Singing Voice
  • Psychosomatic Medicine in Voice Treatment
  • User Manual in Laryngology for Beginners and Masters

Hands-On Training:

  • Indirect Phonosurgery
  • Functional transnasal Endoskopy of the Esophagus in Silent Reflux and Dysphagia

Masterclass: Belcanto meets Pop and Rock
Natural Sound Tuning: from Overtone to Jew’s harp and Yodeling

Social Events: Voice Beer Party and Visit to the Salzburg Festival

Fees (includes CME):

Physicians: 480 Euro (after 30th of May 2018: 530 Euro)
Speech-Language Pathologists / Logopäden: 300 Euro (350 Euro)
Voice Teachers: 200 Euro (250 Euro)
Students: 140 Euro

Secretary: Rita Habermann
Mail:, Fax: 0043/6216/4030-20
Info / Registration: (online available from November 2017)
AVI & IVCA: Salzburger Straße 7, 5202 Neumarkt / Austria
Hotel Reservation: e-Mail:

AVI & IVCA Organizing Team / Impressum:
Josef Schlömicher-Thier, Matthias Weikert, Hannes Tropper, Günther Bernatzky, Barbara Berens, Edith Schmid-Tatzreiter, Susanna Vorauer Riedl, Barbara Kirchner, Bodo Kirchner

Download the First Announcement here